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viña de riesling de Bodegas Anhelo

The Vineyard

Our vineyard is located in Campo de Calatrava, in the province of Ciudad Real. It is geologically characterized for being one of the most important volcanic areas of the peninsula, with 5000 square kilometers and 240 differentiated volcanic buildings.

The varieties which we elaborate our wines with are Riesling, Tempranillo, Bobal and Garnacha. They are cultivated applying the best techniques of traditional and modern viticulture, until getting the optimal adaptation of each variety from its plot of land. The total vineyard area is 40 hectares.

The climate of Campo de Calatrava is continentalized Mediterranean, with dry and hot summers and cold winters with some frosts. Our vineyards are about 675 meters above sea level, receiving an annual rainfall of around 450 litres / m².

The sum of the geographical characteristics, climate and culture, allows us to obtain the best conditions for the development of the vine in our soil, contributing quality and singularity to our wines.

viña de riesling de Bodegas Anhelo